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Maria Paldanius journalist, Rovaniemi

"Gimme some truth." -John Lennon

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Freelance journalist, content writer and storyteller from Lapland. Soon-to-be master of arts (audiovisual mediaculture: Lapland University).

I am a versatile, open-minded freelance journalist from Finnish Lapland. I ended up to North after many years of traveling, studying and working abroad. I have worked as a journalist for about seven years and my customers include media houses in Finland and elsewhere. I work as a freelancer, which enables me to jump into new projects in a short notice and throw myself into them full-heartedly. My current base is in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland and the home town of Santa Claus, but I am also able to move around even for longer periods of time.

Currently my main employers are Lapin Kansa and Uusi Rovaniemi (Lapland-based newspapers). My most recent customers / partners have been YLE, Helsingin Sanomat, Maailman kuvalehti, A-lehdet, Swedish Television, Scottish Daily Mail, Scottish Sun, Daily Mail UK, Airline magazine Blue wings (Finnair), Hippos magazine (Ridemedia) and Finnish culinary magazine Aromi.

I am a curios, passionate and enthusiastic journalist, whose strength lies in an ability to ask the most essential questions and find the right words. I give people time to talk and I take time to listen. I happily welcome all kinds of assignments including reports, columns, interviews, in-depth research, content writing, narrative stories, court covers, research -projects, news etc. As a former University-graduate (Bournemouth Uni: UK: Bachelor degree in nutrition science 2014) and a current University student (Lapland Uni: Master of arts: 2017-2020), I also handle and enjoy academic writing. News, news reports and in-depth research is familiar to me and I am also no beginner when it comes to reporting and writing from abroad to foreign publications in a foreign language (mainly English).

Having lived in five countries and traveled in over 40 as a tourist and as a journalist, I am comfortable and familiar with traveling the world and adjusting to new environments in a short notice. I love working with people and I believe, that everyone's story is worthwhile. I feel that I was born for reading, listening and creating stories that can touch and help people. I constantly search and wait for interesting stories to show up. I am here for your story!

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A-lehdet, Alma Media, Ananda, Aromi, Blogimedia, Daily Mail UK, Finnair Blue Wings, Fokus Media, Helsingin Sanomat, Kauneus ja Terveys, Maailman Kuvalehti, Mennään naimisiin, Otavamedia, Ride Media, Sanoma Magazines, Scottish Daily Mail, Swedish Television, The Scottish Sun, Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet (mm. Suomen kuvalehti), Yle
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