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Olli Sulopuisto journalist, sound editor, Helsinki

Kysy mitä vain podcasteista ja minä vastaan.

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Email: olli@nonfiktio.fi

  • Primary telephone: +358 (0)50 355 4767
  • Homepage: http://nonfiktio.fi
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    Toimitus Sulopuisto & Luoma-aho
    Fredrikinkatu 61 a 17
    00100 Helsinki

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    Skype-tunnus: ollisulopuisto,





A freelance reporter who knows film, computers, other nerd stuff, and the media. Fluent in English both written and spoken.

I've written a nonfiction book in English and freelanced for ZDNet's Norse Code blog covering Finnish IT.

Before that I've written a few profiles for Acatiimi magazine, translated a popular science magazine Rakenna oma aurinkokuntasi (2009–2010) from English to Finnish, translated various documents and a screenplay from Finnish to English, and holding a lecture series about journalism at Jyväskylä Polytechnic in English (2010).

I've been known to boldly split an infinitive every now and then.

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