Laura Iisalo

00100 Helsinki

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I tell stories and make stuff happen.

I am a Helsinki-based freelance writer and photographer. I am always interested in people and often drawn towards art, design, local culture, and lifestyle. I have traveled the world – and my homeland – in search of stories. A few years ago I created a concept for a book titled Helsinki — People Make the City, which I also photographed.  I also take on commissions from big and small brands, and that’s when my narratives grow to become creative concepts, branded content, , and other memorable stuff. I have planned and copywritten tag lines, catalogues, websites, brand books, social media content, newsletters, advertorials, blog posts, and shop window displays for my clients. I have a bachelor’s degree in arts from the University for the Creative Arts in England, and a background in branding and PR. I worked at various communications agencies in London and in Helsinki prior to 2011, when I started my own company. I also write in Finnish.

Kielitaito: englanti, suomi
Kirjoituskielet: englanti, suomi
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